Center and Institute programs

Community Engagement

Center for Arts and Music Entrepreneurship
The Center for Arts and Music Entrepreneurship produces events involving industry professionals from the entertainment centers of the country, clinics and “how-to” tutorials for artists and musicians, video tapes and broadcast events produced by the member schools and by other arts and educational institutions in the region, and aggregates content produced by others.

Center for Environmental Communication
There are two threads that run through all LUCEC programs: 1) sharpening critical thinking skills to encourage the development of reasonable solutions to environmental challenges and 2) spreading the word on social justice within the economic community.

Center for Environmental Law and Land Use
Northwest of New Orleans lies a chain of African-American communities and petrochemical plants, the so-called “Chemical Corridor,” where residents, lawyers, and scientists have developed one of the country’s best known networks of environmental justice activism.
And in New Orleans, itself, thousands of students, professionals, and residents are planning and constructing one of the biggest redevelopment projects ever conceived—intended to promote smart growth, sustainable neighborhoods, new public transit routes, integrated and affordable housing, and authentic cultural growth.

Center for the Study of New Orleans
By integrating social justice and analytic thinking into courses, internships, research and public programming, the Center fosters a critical understanding of New Orleans and an opportunity to aid its renewal.

Gillis Long Poverty Law Center
Founded in 1985, the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center enables the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law to expand its legal education and public service activities both within and beyond the boundaries of the greater metropolitan New Orleans area.
Several of the activities sponsored or founded by the center are the Loan Repayment Assistance Program, the Pro Bono Program, along with a Distinguished Lecture Series and Public Service Awards.

Institute for Quality and Equity in Education
The Institute aims to demonstrate through empirical research that equity and educational quality in urban centers are standards that need not be in opposition. Rather, the Institute suggests that quality and equity are complementary values that distinguish good schools whose students increasingly come from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

Jesuit Social Research Institute
The Jesuit Social Research Institute works to transform the Gulf South through action research, analysis, education, and advocacy on the core issues of poverty, race, and migration. The Institute is a collaboration of Loyola University New Orleans and the Society of Jesus rooted in the faith that does justice.

Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy
The mission of the Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy is to promote adult literacy as a vehicle for personal, economic, and community empowerment.

Shawn M. Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications
The Donnelley Center offers communications students an opportunity to assist nonprofit organizations with advertising and promotional campaigns, providing services as simple as the design of a flyer, or as complex as an integrated communications campaign.

Small Business Development Center
The College of Business at Loyola University has proudly hosted the Small Business Development Center for 25 years. The LSBDC GNOR is assisting small businesses in growing, rebuilding, providing resources to assist the business owner in achieving greater profitability and sustainability.

Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice
The Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice is a fully functioning legal clinic which allows third-year law students the opportunity to represent indigent clients under the supervision of experienced attorneys.

By participating in the Law Clinic, the Extern Program, and the Street Law Program, student practitioners not only have the chance to experience firsthand what representing clients is like, but they also have an opportunity to further the Jesuit ideals of scholarship and service at Loyola by providing legal representation to the needy.

Twomey Center for Peace through Justice
The Twomey Center for Peace Through Justice seeks to shape social justice consciousness through education, and to take action on critical social problems confronting society. The Twomey Center acts as a catalyst for research and action on critical issues of workers' rights, racism, poverty and justice. Our mission is achieved through action, reflection and dialogue generating community partnerships.

Upward Bound
As an institution committed to a tradition of providing its students a quality education, Loyola University New Orleans, for many years, has been involved in the community through its many programs which serve the metropolitan New Orleans area, and has reaffirmed its social responsibility and commitment by hosting an Upward Bound Program since 1966. The University embraces the goals and objectives of Upward Bound and is committed to providing educational opportunities to program participants. Our alumni include successful citizens and community leaders in business, education, law, medicine, and politics.