The State of Our Children 

[Tegna Media, December 13, 2015]

Texas has a lot to brag about: It’s a leader in job growth, energy production and building.

It’s also near the top of another list, but it’s not something you’ll likely see shared often on social media: child poverty.

Texas ranks 43rd in the country to be a kid, based on economic well-being, health and education, according to the Annie Casey Foundation, a private charitable watchdog organization.

In Travis County, U.S. Census numbers show child poverty has increased nearly each year since 2000.

In 2014, the county added an additional 9,860 children in poverty, totaling 64,000. About one in four children live in poverty in Texas—a staggering statistic that dates back to 1989. Today, that’s 1.7 million Texas children.


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