Closing the Coverage Gap in Texas: Health Insurance for Working Individuals and Families [FAMILIES USA, July 2014]

Texas now has the option to accept federal Medicaid funding to extend affordable health insurance to more low-income adults. Closing the coverage gap would give more than 1.4 million uninsured Texans access to affordable health insurance.[1] For many of these residents, there is no affordable health coverage option as long as Texas rejects federal funds.[2]  Americans with incomes above the federal poverty level, which is $19,800 for a family of three, can now buy health insurance through the new health care marketplace, and, depending on their income, they may qualify for help with insurance costs. Individuals whose income is below the poverty level are not eligible for any help with insurance costs.[3] MORE>>

Texas Students, Schools, and Districts to Benefit from New Law on School Breakfast

Center for Public Policy Priorities, March 4, 2014

AUSTIN, TEXAS- As schools across the country commemorate National School Breakfast Week, Texas public schools are actively working to provide school breakfast to more students in need thanks to a new law passed in 2013. MORE>>

Read JSRI’s 2009 profile of poverty and inequality in the State of Texas »

A sample of the profile follows:

Who are Texas’s Poor?

  • 1,497,803 are children (22.5% of kids)
  • 287,987 are elders (12.2% of seniors)
  • 1,974,649 are adults 18-64 (13.4 % of adults)
  • 1,399,592 are in single parent families (33.7% of such families)

Looked at another way:

  • 1,667,469 males are poor (14.2 % males)
  • 2,092,962 females are poor (17.5 % of females)
  • 2,483,561 whites are poor (14.1 % of whites)
  • 605,883 blacks are poor (22.5 % of blacks)
  • 2,092,272 Hispanics are poor (24.0% of Hispanics)
  • 824,225 immigrants are poor (21.5 % of foreign-born)

Dr. Sue Weishar is the lead JSRI liaison to Texas groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

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