Seventh Year [2013-2014]

In addition to participating in advocacy efforts across the Gulf South States and continuing to publish articles in the JustSouth Quarterly, E-newsletter, and other external publications, JSRI fellows gave the following presentations:

Fall 2013- Summer 2014

September 2- Fr. Kammer’s article “Labor Day justice: What’s the real cost of your cheap, fast food?” was published on the website of the Washington Post.

September 17- Fr. Arroyo is featured in the new book Love has no Borders which tells how faith leaders fought Alabama's harsh immigration reform law in 2011.

September 17-18- Dr. Mikulich with his co-authors presented The Scandal of White Complicity in U.S. Hyper-Incarceration at Center for Social Concerns of Notre Dame Univ. 

September 26- Fr. Kammer published a chapter on "Catholic Charities, Religion, and Philanthropy" in editor Thomas Davis' new book Religion and Philanthropic Organizations: Family, Friend, Foe?.

September 30- Fr. Kammer gave the keynote on Church in the public square and workshops on immigration and Catholic social thought at St. Cloud diocesan conference.

October 4 -Dr. Weishar co-planned Biloxi Bible Study and Prayer Service for Immigration Reform with JSRI Board Member Bishop Roger Morin.

October 4-5- Dr. Mikulich co-facilitated anti- racism workshop for Pax Christi in Oklahoma City. 

October 6-7- Fr. Kammer preached at the Red Mass in St. Louis and talked at St. Louis University Law School.

October 13- Fr. Kammer gave talks on health care policy and advocacy to Chicago Catholic Health forum.

October 14-15- Dr. Mikulich co-planned and presented to six-state Faith Roundtable in New Orleans on payday loans.

October 26- Dr. Weishar co-planned New Orleans Rally for Immigration Reform with JSRI Board Member Dr. Oscar Barbarin speaking on African American support. 

October 26- Dr. Weishar helped organize a Rally for Immigration Reform outside the office of LA Congressman Scalise.

October 28-29- Dr. Weishar participated in "Americans for Reform Immigration Fly-In" to Washington, DC, and meetings with two LA Congressmen.

November 4-7- Dr. Weishar and Ms. Baudouin presented workshops on immigration detention at detention conference of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network in Alcala, Spain. 

November 8-9- Dr. Mikulich arranged for Jesus on Trial to held at the College of Law and at St. George Parish in Baton Rouge [ press review].

November 14- Dr. Mikulich offered two presentations at University of San Diego on post-Katrina New Orleans and U.S. hyper-incarceration.

November 17- Fr. Kammer presented three workshops on justice at theIgnatian Family Teach-In in Crystal City, VA.

November 23- Dr. Weishar co-organized the rally of Nuns and Friends for Immigration Reform on the Loyola campus and their call to end intense immigration raids.

November 25- The Lafayette Advertiser quoted Dr. Mikulich for an editorial against predatory payday lending.

December 1- Dr. Mikulich is a contributor toUnshakeable Belief: Advent 2013: Reflections on the Daily Lectionary Readings available from Pax Christi USA.

December 4- Fr. Kammer introduced Washington DC Loyola alumni to the mission and work of JSRI at their Christmas gathering. 

December 19- Dr. Mikulich, Dr. Weishar, and Fr. Kammer addressed visiting students from Santa Clara University on the social realities of post- Katrina New Orleans.  

January 14- Dr. Weishar participated in a panel on prison reform at the Langeloth Foundation in NYC. 

January 15-18- Fr. Kammer led a social justice retreat for Jesuit volunteers of the southern region in Texas.

January 25- Fr. Kammer gave the keynote on social justice for a conference sponsored by Sacred Heart Parish in Hattiesburg, MS. 

February 1- Dr. Weishar and Dr. Mikulich led Symposium entitled, "Jail for Sale: The Rise of For- Profit Prisons and the Catholic Response" at the national Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, D.C. 

February 7-8- 25 Loyola faculty, staff, and students participated in JSRI's introductory Anti-Racism Workshop.

February 9- Dr. Weishar provided seven  Loyola student volunteers an orientation to Cafe con Ingles, an ESL and community outreach program Dr. Weishar co-directs at St. Anthony of Padua Church.

February 19- Fr. Kammer addressed Catholic Day at the Capitol participants in Jackson, MS on criminal justice.

March 7- LA for Responsible Lending, of which JSRI is a founding member, was featured in aTimes- Picayune op-ed

March 11- Dr. Alex Mikulich met with State Senator Jean-Paul Morrell to discuss death penalty legislation.

March 12- Fr. Kammer and Ms. Baudouin met with staff of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu about increasing the minimum wage.

March 13- Fr. Kammer discussed the first year of Pope Francis on MSNBC's NewsNation with Tamron Hall. 

March 14- Fr. Kammer discussed "Jesuit Justice" with the Loyola Ignatian Faculty Fellows. 

March 15- Dr. Weishar organized the Fast4Families New Orleans event for immigration reform at which Fr. Kammer spoke.

March 18- Fr. Kammer discussed "Jesuit Justice" with the Loyola Ignatian Staff Fellows. 

March 18- Fr. Kammer addressed a community forum on payday loan reform in Baton Rouge. 

March 26- JSRI staff discussed post-Katrina New Orleans with students visiting from Santa Clara University. 

March 28- Dr. Mikulich chaired an anti-racism convening on Loyola campus. 

April 1- Dr. Mikulich testified on payday loan reform at the legislature in Baton Rouge. 

April 2- Dr. Weishar and Mary Baudouin organized the fifth local Catholic Dialogue on Immigration at St. Dominic Church, New Orleans.

April 5- Dr. Weishar joined Loyola Students for Immigration Reform in the Not1More Detention March.

April 7- Dr. Mikulich testified on payday loan reform at the legislature in Baton Rouge. 

April 14-22- Dr. Mikulich's op-ed "Louisiana Legislature Protects Business that Preys on the Poor" was published in the Shreveport Times, the Lafayette Advertiser, the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate, the New Orleans Advocate, and the Louisiana Weekly

April 29- Dr. Weishar spoke on the issues impacting immigration reform to a group of eight journalists from Central and South Asia visiting the U.S. as part of a State Department tour. 

May 2-3- Fr. Kammer coordinated a two-day social justice orientation for Jesuit novices. Dr. Weishar and Ms. Price contributed.

May 13- Dr. Mikulich presented at a faculty symposium that concluded his year of work as an Ignatian Faculty Fellows.

June 10- Dr. Weishar addressed the migration committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, meeting in New Orleans, on alternatives to immigrant detention. 

June 10-12- Fr. Kammer preached and directed the Ignatian Volunteers retreat in St. Louis.

June 12- Dr. Mikulich participated in a field hearing and community roundtable in New Orleans conducted by Director Richard Cordray of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

June 13- Dr. Sue Weishar was interviewed by Fox News 8 about the growing crisis of unaccompanied immigrant children to the U.S.  border. WATCH

June 16-21- Fr. Kammer and Ms. Baudouin led the Ministry of Management Institute held on Loyola's campus and sponsored by the New Orleans Jesuit Province. 

June 19- Dr. Weishar discussed the politics of immigration reform with diplomats from India visiting the U.S. on fellowships with the Asia Foundation.

June 20- Fr. Kammer presented a session to the Loyola Alumni College on the evolution of “Jesuit Justice.”

June 30- Dr. Mikulich led a session on white complicity for Loyola's graduate "Multicultural Counseling" course. 

July 18 - Dr. Mikulich's essay on the Freedom Riders appeared in the National Catholic Reporter.