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Institute staff and collaborators disseminate their research and analysis and education on Institute core issues of race, poverty, and migration, their interconnections, and Catholic Social Teaching through a variety of publications and reports:

The JustSouth E-News is published in months in which our JustSouth Quarterly is not published, usually six to seven times a year. It usually includes articles by the staff, links to new reports and releases from regional and national sources on race, poverty, and migration, upcoming Institute events, and occasional “action alerts” about pressing social policy matters. View archives »

The JustSouth Quarterly is the principle journal for in-depth research and writing of the Institute staff and collaborators. It reflects our research, analysis and education, as well as content from our periodic conferences and events. View archives »

In addition, the Institute publishes occasional issue papers, the texts of addresses by the staff and colleagues, and JSRI conference documents as free-standing reports to supplement our regular publications. View archives »

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E-Newsletter: Advocating for Difficult Conversations and Self Exploration: How Counseling Students are Examining Race and Privilege

Students Addressing Race and Privilege (SARP) challenges us to explore our racial identities.

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E-Newsletter: Was that racist? Combustible conversations.

Dr. Mitchell addresses the language we use to talk about racism.

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Quarterly: The Fear of a Black Ballot

Nicholas Mitchell, Ph.D. exposes systemic efforts to suppress the black vote. 

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E-Newsletter: Get a Sacramental Life, Mr. Limbaugh

Dr. Tom Ryan offers his reflections on communion and racism after hearing an interview on the radio.

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Quarterly: Confederate Ghosts: The Clash of Civilizations

Nicholas Mitchell, Ph.D., examines the lingering remnants of the Confederate South in his native Louisiana.

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E-Newsletter: The Real Threat of White Supremacy

Nicholas Mitchell, Ph.D., addresses the threat of White supremacy in light of the recent riot in Charlottesville, VA.

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Quarterly: White Dominionism: The Taxonomy of White Radicalism

Dr. Mitchell examines race radicalization from a causation lens.

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Quarterly: Prison Capital of the Universe

Dr. Weishar examines Louisiana's claim as being the incarceration capital of the world in light of possible criminal justice reform. 

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Quarterly: The Public Space: Confrontations and Controls

Dr. Nicholas Mitchel examines communal spaces for demonstrations and advocacy. 

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Quarterly: In Defiance of Hidden Deaths

Dr. Nik Mitchell discusses Black Lives Matter as a living philosophy. 

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