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Institute staff and collaborators disseminate their research and analysis and education on Institute core issues of race, poverty, and migration, their interconnections, and Catholic Social Teaching through a variety of publications and reports:

The JustSouth E-News is published in months in which our JustSouth Quarterly is not published, usually six to seven times a year. It usually includes articles by the staff, links to new reports and releases from regional and national sources on race, poverty, and migration, upcoming Institute events, and occasional “action alerts” about pressing social policy matters. View archives »

The JustSouth Quarterly is the principle journal for in-depth research and writing of the Institute staff and collaborators. It reflects our research, analysis and education, as well as content from our periodic conferences and events. View archives »

In addition, the Institute publishes occasional issue papers, the texts of addresses by the staff and colleagues, and JSRI conference documents as free-standing reports to supplement our regular publications. View archives »

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E-Newsletter: Indigent defense still experiencing problems 50 years after Gideon decision

An Equal Justice Initiative analysis shows how the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Gideon Decision demonstrates ongoing problems in indigent defense.

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E-Newsletter: Troublemakers for the Beloved Community

In an extraordinary, perhaps definitive occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail on April 15, 2013, ordained leaders of Evangelical, Pentecostal, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions signed a new response to that classic Letter.

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E-Newsletter: Coalition gathers to advocate for fair lending in Alabama

The Alliance for Responsible Lending in Alabama (ARLA), a large coalition advocating fair lending policies, gathered on February 28 at the state house in Montgomery to urge legislators to cap payday loans at 36% and to curtail automobile title lending.

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E-Newsletter: A Legacy of “Cussedness”

Dr. Sue Weishar provides an update and summary on federal court actions affection Alabama's harsh immigration enforcement law, HB 56.

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E-Newsletter: Alabama Religious Leaders Urge Governor to Repeal Anti-Immigrant Law

On December 19, 2011, Alabama religious leaders called upon Governor Bentley to lead the repeal of Alabama’s 2011 anti-immigrant law.

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Quarterly: That “Merciless Law”: The Faith Response to Alabama’s HB 56

The harshest anti-immigrant bill ever passed by a state legislature was signed into law by the governor of Alabama on June 9. Soon after, the U.S. Justice Department, civil rights groups, and four Alabama bishops filed lawsuits to prevent its enforcement.

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E-Newsletter: Injustice Unleashed: HB 56 takes hold in Alabama

Dr. Sue Weishar provides an update on implementation of Alabama's new anti-immigrant law, including court rulings and impact on the immigrant community.

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E-Newsletter: Alabama anti-immigrant law prompts strong reaction from church leaders

Two stories cover the strong reaction of church leaders in Alabama to the new state anti-immigrant law.

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Report: Father Arroyo testifies against Alabama anti-immigrant bill

On March 2, 2011, Father Ted Arroyo, SJ, JSRI Alabama Associate, testified against House Bill 56, Alabama's anti-immigrant bill that became law this year, a more anti-immigrant law than the 2010 Arizona statute.

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