We recently saw the assault on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA] close the federal government (costing at least $25 billion dollars) and almost wreck the economy by refusing to lift the debt limit.

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Of Slavery and Discrimination

At times it is important for us to reiterate both Catholic teaching and the Jesuit values of Loyola. The Catechism of the Catholic Church condemns slavery as an offense against the 7th Commandment and racial discrimination as “incompatible with God’s design.”

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Honduran Agony: The Spiral of Violence and Corruption

JSRI Associate Mary Baudouin recounts the injustices she witnessed in Honduras this past September. While Dr. Susan Weishar connects these struggles with first hand accounts experienced by local Honduran natives.

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February is Ignatian Family Advocacy Month

The month of February has been designated by the Ignatian Solidarity Network as Ignatian Family Advocacy Month.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Becoming maladjusted for the beloved community

Martin Luther King statue in Washington, DC

Dr. Alex Mikulich reminds us of the call of Dr. King to resist systemic and structural injustice in all its forms.

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January is Poverty Awareness Month

The month of January has been designated by the U.S. Catholic Bishops as Poverty Awareness Month.

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This is National Migration Week

January 5-11 is National Migration Week, focusing the attention of Catholics and others on the plight of refugees, immigrants, and migrant workers here in the United States and across the world.

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Florida Bishops urge Governor to spare life of Askari Muhammad

The Florida Catholic bishops urged Governor Rick Scott to spare the life of Askari Muhammad, who is scheduled for execution on January 7th. Catholic groups around the state planned observances.

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December Monthly Calls Us to Gospel Solidarity

A portion of the mural of the angel announcing Christ to the shepherds

In the December Monthly, Dr. Mikulich calls to mind the joy of living Gospel Solidarity

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JustSouth Monthly focuses on gratitude for immigrant workers

photograph of immigrant mother and child

The November JustSouth Monthly focused attention on the importance of gratitude to workers in our discussion of immigration reform.

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