On Tuesday we posted a story about the Rodriguez family. Juan Rodriguez is the father of three daughters, two of whom, Rebecca and Karen, are students at Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory of Houston. Since 2007, Juan has been going to periodic check-ins at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Houston because he is in the United States illegally. Because he has a family and no criminal record, Mr. Rodriguez became the beneficiary of prosecutorial discretion under the Obama administration, and the number of check-ins was reduced to one per year. But when he showed up for his annual check-in this February he was told that he would be deported back to El Salvador. He was given a reprieve to attend Rebecca’s graduation from Cristo Rey Jesuit, but now he is expected to be deported by the end of June.

FIEL Headquarters is doing everything they can to STOP the deportation of Mr. Rodriguez but they NEED YOUR HELP!

Please take a moment to sign the attached petition to STOP the deportation of Mr. Rodriguez and advocate for his family to stay together.