Second Line to Protect Our Care

Please join Keep Louisiana Covered and Soul Brass Band for a second line in support for affordable, quality health care coverage in Louisiana!

*Congress is trying to eliminate Medicaid expansion, cut benefits for people on Medicaid, and decrease subsidies that help people pay for their health insurance*

This would affect the 400,000 people who have gained health insurance through Medicaid expansion, and over 1 million low-income Louisianans who rely on Medicaid.

We are responding by having speakers, musicians, and residents come together to show our legislators (Bill Cassidy John Neely Kennedy andCongressman Steve Scalise) that we will not accept these harmful changes. Then we will second line with Soul Brass Band to Saint Louis cemetery #2, to send a powerful message about the real hurt that these changes will have on our community. 

Keep Medicaid Expansion Rolling – Take it to the Streets to Protect Our Care!