Reconciling with Creation

By Ted Arroyo, S.J.

Since JSRI’s founding in 2007, our mission has focused on research, education, and advocacy in the three social justice-related areas of poverty, migration, and racism, especially in the Gulf South region of the United States. 

As Jesuits continue our ongoing international mission planning, in the past 25 years three Jesuit General Congregations (34, 35 and 36) have shown a heightened concern about environmental issues and our mission. Citing Pope Francis, the most recent of these general congregations (GC36) calls us to integrate a mission of “reconciliation with creation” as “Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice,” relating ecological issues as they impact the poor. Especially relevant for JSRI’s mission is the mandate that “experts should contribute to the rigorous analysis of the roots of and solutions to the (environmental) crisis."