CELAM Letter to Donald Trump Regarding Migrant Children

Bogota, Colombia, June 19, 2018

Mr. Donald Trump

President of the United States of America


Mr. President, the undersigned are a group of bishops, priests, consecrated women and men and lay persons who belong to the Latin American and the Caribbean Network of Migration, Refuge and Treatment of Persons (CLAMOR).

We lift our voices on behalf of hundreds of child immigrants who have been separated from their family members, and who are receiving inhumane treatment, as if they were animals, in some border cities of your great Nation.  This is a grave sin, which calls out to heaven for justice.

We pray that God will give you a heart of flesh and fill your insides with mercy, that will make it possible for you to hear the cries of so many children and their families and the cries of millions of human beings throughout the entire world.

We also ask God that you, Mr. President, will go down in history as a wise leader who will fill his road with Christian-centered humanity and will know how to guide your Nation in the holistic development of all persons, a development of the totality of every person and of all persons.

On behalf of La Red Latinoamericana Y Caribeña de Migración, Refugio y Trata de Personas, CLAMOR.

+José Luis Azuaje                                                                     +Gustavo Rodríguez Vega
Archbishop of Maracaibo [Venezuela]                                          Archbishop of Yucatán [Mexico]
President of SELACC                                                                  President of DEJUSOL