As you know, we are going to have to fight to protect the critical programs that promote economic security for all and provide services to the least among us: the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, CHIP, public housing, SNAP, and aid for people with disabilities are all in jeopardy under the new President and Congress.

We need your signature.

Sign a letter to the new President and Congress.
The Coalition on Human Needs is collecting signatures from thousands of organizations and individuals to stand together against dismantling the services and protections people need and for proven investments to extend opportunity and economic security to all. 

Please read it – we believe you or your organization will want to sign, and we need you, both to sign and to circulate to those in your networks. 

When so much is at stake, why does a letter matter?  It says to the Senators needed to block the passage of destructive bills that groups in their states are among thousands nationwide ready to take a stand and take action.  

The letter incorporates principles under the theme Strengthening America’s Values and Economy (SAVE) for All.  It affirms these principles - consistent with Catholic Social Teaching - that federal priorities must (1) protect and assist low-income and vulnerable people; (2) invest in broadly shared economic growth and jobs; (3) increase revenues from fair sources; and (4) seek savings from reducing waste in the Pentagon and elsewhere. 

It’s never been more important to come together.  The SAVE for All letter is a vehicle to do that – please join in making your voice heard!

 ***Please forward this to your networks, partners, and other interested parties.***

The deadline for this sign-on letter is January 5th, 2017.