SNAP Helps 1 in 7 Workers in Mississippi Put Food on the Table

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

September 12, 2017 

SNAP plays a crucial role in helping workers in low-paying jobs afford a basic diet in Mississippi. Roughly 171,300 Mississippian workers live in households that participated in SNAP in the last year, Census data show.

Millions of Americans work in jobs with low wages, inconsistent schedules, and no benefits such as paid sick leave — all of which contribute to high turnover and spells of unemployment. Many of these workers get help putting food on the table through SNAP.


Low-Wage Work in Mississippi: Enhancing Opportunities for Families

On behalf of JSRI, Dr. Kathleen Fitzergald studied the needs of low-wage workers in Mississippi, what the state is doing to address these needs, and what additional policies and programs can be implemented to address the myriad unmet needs of this vulnerable population. This report was prepare for OxFam America. 

Low-Wage Work in Mississippi:Enhancing Opportunities for Families Report

The State of Working Mississippi 

JSRI released the State of Working Mississippi Report to coincide with the recent Labor Day holiday. The report examples current and historical data related to wages, labor force participation, job market, education, assets and poverty in Mississippi. It also includes proposed policy solutions related to the findings. Please click HERE for a summary of the report's findings. 

Dr. Sue Weishar is the lead JSRI liaison to Mississippi groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

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