Institute staff and collaborators disseminate their research and analysis and education on Institute core issues and Catholic Social Teaching through a variety of means, including the JustSouth E-newsletter. The E-News has been published in months in which our JustSouth Quarterly is not published, usually six to seven times a year. They usually include articles by the staff, links to news reports and releases from regional and national sources on race, poverty, and migration, upcoming Institute events, and occasional “action alerts” about pressing social policy matters. Back copies of the E-News are available by clicking on the links below.

In October 2013, we have converted the JustSouth E-newsletter to the JustSouth Monthly: JSRI Perspectives on Faith Doing Justice with a single article, notice of upcoming JSRI events, and a report on JSRI activities.

JustSouth Monthly archives

March 2015-- Oil Prices or Tax Structures? What does the price of oil have to do with cuts to higher education and healthcare? 

  • Mr. Ali R. Bustamante examines what the price of oil has to do with cuts to higher education and healthcare.

February 2015--Honor Our Sacred Obligation: Raise the Minimum Wage

  • Dr. Mikulich explores the demands made during the March on Washington with the fight for an increased minimum wage today. 

January 2015-- Compassion, Gratitude, Solidarity: President Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

  • Dr. Weishar looks at President Obama's executive action as well as past Presidents who also acted on immigration. 

December 2014-- Louisiana's $1 Billion Giveaway: giveaways cost the U.S. taxpayers $50 billion a year

  • Fr. Kammer discusses how Louisiana tax spending benefits special interests and not the common good. 

November 2014-- Out of Control: Pope Denounces Criminal Justice System 

  • Dr. Mikulich examines life and dignity in the Louisiana criminal justice system. 

October 2014-- Is Amnesty a Dirty Word?

  • Dr. Weishar examines Louisiana's amnesia over amnesty.

September 2014-- Refusing To Expand Medicaid: Political Decisions with Deadly Consequences

  • Fr. Kammer discusses the human consequences of Gulf South states not expanding medicaid coverage.

August 2014--My Job Is To Know Their Name: Serving Homeless Guests in Downtown New Orleans

  • Liam Fitzgerald shares about his summers at New Orlean's Rebuild Center.

July 2014--A Last Will and Testament: The Freedom Riders' enduring legacy

  • Dr. Alex Mikulich reflects upon the work of the Freedom Riders fifty years ago.

June 2014--"We Belong To Each Other": Forgetting Our Oneness at a Town Hall Meeting

  • Dr. Sue Weishar remembers the unwelcoming nature of a town hall meeting last summer.

May 2014--The Audacity of Hope: What sustains us in the face of injustice? 

  • Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J. encourages advocates for the "least among us," to hope. 

April 2014-- Dealing for the Devil

  • Dr. Alex Mikulich discusses how legislatures protect a business that preys on the poor. 

March 2014-- When Italians Were "Others"

  • Dr. Sue Weishar educates readers about the 1891 lynching of eleven Italian immigrants in New Orleans.

February 2014-- Raise the Minimum Wage! It's a Matter of Justice

  • Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J. shares why the minimum wage needs to be raised to $10.10. 

January 2014-- Martin Luther King, Jr.: Becoming maladjusted for the beloved community

  • Dr. Alex Mikulich reminds us of Dr. King's call to oppose structural and systemic injustice.

December 2013-- Advent 2013: Called to live the joy of Gospel solidarity 

  • Dr. Alex Mikulich reminds us of the exhortation of Pope Francis to rejoice in the Good News of the Gospel in this Christmas season and throughout the year. 

November 2013--Keep "Thanks" in Thanksgiving

  • Dr. Sue Weishar calls for gratitude for immigrant workers and their contributions to our society as we discuss comprehensive immigration reform.

October 2013--JustSouth Monthly begins

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