SNAP Helps 1 in 7 Workers in Florida Put Food on the Table

Center on Budget and Policy Priorites

September 12, 2017

SNAP, the Food Assistance Program in Florida, plays a crucial role in helping workers in low-paying jobs afford a basic diet in Florida. Roughly 1.25 million Floridian workers live in households that participated in the Food Assistance Program in the last year, Census data show.

Millions of Americans work in jobs with low wages, inconsistent schedules, and no benefits such as paid sick leave — all of which contribute to high turnover and spells of unemployment. Many of these workers get help putting food on the table through the Food Assistance Program.



JSRI's State of Working Florida 2017 


The State of Working Florida 2017 finds that, while Florida’s economic and employment levels have recovered from the Great Recession, levels of economic security have not improved. The report shows that increases in the share of low-wage employment and the persistence of wage disparities for women and people of color after the Great Recession enabled an uneven economic recovery and fueled greater income inequality. In 2015, 26.6 percent of all Floridians were either poor or near poverty. This means that more than a quarter of Floridians earn income that is 150 percent or less than the federal poverty line.


Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ, is the lead JSRI liaison to Florida groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

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