Dr. Demetrius Semien, is the lead JSRI liaison to Alabama groups, assisted by other staff as appropriate.

Alabama JustSouth Articles

ARISE: Making a Difference in Alabama--Semien [JustSouth Quarterly, Winter 2016]

Troublemakers of the Beloved Community: The 50th Anniversary of theLetter from Birmingham Jail--Mikulich [JustSouth E-News, April 2013]

A Legacy of “Cussedness”: Update on Alabama’s Harsh Immigration Enforcement Laws -- Weishar [JustSouth E-News, August 2012]

That "Merciless Law": The Faith Response to Alabama's HB 56--Ted Arroyo, SJ, and Dr. Sue Weishar [JustSouth Quarterly--Winter 2011]

Injustice Unleashed! HB 56 takes hold in Alabama--Weishar [JustSouth E-News, October 2011]

Gulf oil spill!: An unprecedented disaster for the environment, the economy, and the livelihood of Gulf Coast fishing communities--Mikulich [JustSouth E-News, May 2010]