Advocacy is one of the primary activities of JSRI and takes a number of forms. Institute staff, collaborators, and stakeholders engage in advocacy on social and economic issues through researching legislative issues, providing testimony to legislative bodies, meeting and corresponding with legislators and staff members of the region, representing our concerns in local, state, and national administrative forums, and conducting public events such as hearings and press conferences. JSRI offers assistance to other advocates by providing background research for testimony and participating in collaborative campaigns to promote values such as the common good and the preferential option for the poor, and by integrating public ethics into the fostering of public policy.

  • Staff work with local Catholic groups, state Catholic Conferences, and other advocates on both national and state legislative issues; and
  • The JustSouth Quarterly and JustSouth E-newsletter include a focus on current legislative and administrative issues and initiatives dealing with poverty, race, and migration in the region, the nation, and in sending countries.

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Florida Bishops urge Governor to spare life of Askari Muhammad

The Florida Catholic bishops urged Governor Rick Scott to spare the life of Askari Muhammad, who is scheduled for execution on January 7th. Catholic groups around the state planned observances.

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Senate passes comprehensive immigration reform bill

On June 27, the Senate passed the S.744 immigration reform bill. Though the bill does offer a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S., it also contains a number of negative amendments. The bill faces an uphill battle to gain approval in the House.

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New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond issues statement on Human Trafficking

On Dec. 5, Archbishop Aymond, LCWR Region 5, and CMSM issued a statement to be read at masses throughout New Orleans asking Catholics to be aware of the issue of human trafficking, especially in the time leading up to the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.

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CDF calls on policy makers to protect children from budget cuts

The Children's Defense Fund's "Be Careful What You Cut" campaign seeks to protect children's programs from budget cuts. Click here to contact you legislator and learn more.

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Contact Sen. Mary Landrieu and ask her to support a decrease in detention funding

This year U.S. taxpayers will spend over $2 billion on immigration detention. Please contact Sen. Landrieu and ask her to decrease detention funding by 1,200 beds and increase funds available for alternative to detention programs which cost less and are more effective.

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JSRI Signs On to Letter Urging the Reduction of Spending on Immigration Detention

On March 23, JSRI and numerous other national, state, and local organizations signed off on a letter from the Detention Watch Network asking Senator Mary Landrieu and Representative Robert Aderholt of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security Appropriations to reduce spending on immigration detention.

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JSRI Joins Immigrant Justice Organizations in Urging ICE to End Family Detention

JSRI joined scores of immigrant justice organizations in calling on ICE to end the practice of family detention.

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Mississippi Bishops Issue Statement on Anti-immigrant Legislation

On January 21, the Catholic, Episcopal, and Methodist bishops of Mississippi signed off on a statement calling Mississippi State Legislators and Governor Phil Bryant to “refrain from drafting and enacting” anti-immigrant legislation.

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USCCB to hold January 11-13, 2012 national conference on state and local immigration initiatives

USCCB to hold a national conference on state and local immigration initiatives and immigration reform January 11-13, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Proposed WIC Cuts Would End Food Assistance for 325,000-475,000 Women, Infants, & Children

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities just published an article revealing how proposed federal budget cuts in the WIC nutrition program would force WIC to turn away 325,000 to 475,000 eligible low-income women and young children next year.

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