Advocacy is one of the primary activities of JSRI and takes a number of forms. Institute staff, collaborators, and stakeholders engage in advocacy on social and economic issues through researching legislative issues, providing testimony to legislative bodies, meeting and corresponding with legislators and staff members of the region, representing our concerns in local, state, and national administrative forums, and conducting public events such as hearings and press conferences. JSRI offers assistance to other advocates by providing background research for testimony and participating in collaborative campaigns to promote values such as the common good and the preferential option for the poor, and by integrating public ethics into the fostering of public policy.

  • Staff work with local Catholic groups, state Catholic Conferences, and other advocates on both national and state legislative issues; and
  • The JustSouth Quarterly and JustSouth E-newsletter include a focus on current legislative and administrative issues and initiatives dealing with poverty, race, and migration in the region, the nation, and in sending countries.

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Greg Boyle, SJ to Speak at Virtual Solidarity on Tap on April 1st

The Ignatian Solidarity Network sponsors Solidarity on Tap with Father Greg Boyle, SJ, at 9pm (Eastern) time on Wednesday night April 1st.

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Further Action Needed to Protect People from Coronavirus Fallout

Stimulus package insufficient, contains big bailouts with inadequate accountability

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Churches Respond to Mississippi Immigration Raids

The August 7th Mississippi immigration raids have prompted a strong response from the Catholic, Episcopal, and Methodist Bishops of Mississippi. Persons wishing to help should contact Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Jackson.

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Urge Your Senator to Vote NO on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

Contact your U.S. Senators today and remind them that health care is a right based in the sanctity and dignity of every human person. Tell them you will not stand for 23 million people losing insurance and cuts to health care for the most vulnerable of our society.

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