2017 JSRI Advocacy Efforts

January 18, 2017: JSRI Fellows Provide Testimony on Criminal Justice Reform Issues Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Weishar provided testimony to members of the Governor’s Justice Reinvestment Task Force.

January 28, 2017: JSRI Staff Organize Press Conference on the Deadly Consequences of Repealing ACA 
One of New Orleans' most beautiful cemeteries was the location of a press conference on, January 28, which featured testimonies from Louisianans who have received life-saving health care through the ACA.  Fred Kammer, SJ, emceed the event, stating: "We priests officiate at many funerals. No death is sadder than an unnecessary one. I fear many will die unnecessary deaths if the ACA is repealed without a carefully thought-through replacement that assures the same breadth and depth of health coverage as the ACA does." Press Coverage>>

February 9, 2017: The SNAP Story Bank Project is Released 
Emerson National Hunger Fellow, Sakeenah Shabazz, presented the SNAP Story Bank Project to Loyola students, faculty, staff, and community members. Over a six month period, Shabazz, Jeanie Donovan, and Colleen Dulle traveled across Louisiana and spoke with 47 SNAP recipients and coordinators. These interviews were compiled in to a Report, a Story Bank, and a Short FilmMORE>>

March 10, 2017: Ignatian Teach-In on Mass Incarceration
Dr. Weishar and Dr. Mitchell along with Mr. Ronnie Moore of Cornerstone Builders, led an Ignatian Teach-In on Mass Incarceration at the ACJU Honors Consortium Meeting.

March 14, 2017: The Human Face of Immigration is Released 
The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, Jesuit Social Research Institute (JSRI), and Program for Immigration Religion & Social Change came together to produce Recoverying the Human Face of Immigration in the U.S. South in October of 2016. The effort was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Foundation and with religious leaders throughout the country giving insight in to inclusive immigrant practices (namely, Ann Cass Williams; PJ Edwards; Michael Mata; Alexia Salvatierra; Msgr. Dan Stack). Recovering the Human Face of Immigration in the U.S. South 

April 18, 2017: JSRI Fellow Provides Written Testimony is Support of Ending JLWOP
Dr.  Weishar provided written testimony in support of ending juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) in Louisiana at a hearing of the Louisiana Senate Committee on Criminal Justice at the State Capital.

April 26, 2016: JSRI Fellow Opposes Anti-Sanctuary City Bill 
Dr. Weishar testified in opposition to an anti-sanctuary city bill at the Louisiana House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice.

April 27, 2017: JSRI Staff Meet with Jesuit Conference Policy Advisor 
JSRI staff met with Matt Cuff, policy advisor for the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, to coordinate work on criminal justice reform. 

May 30, 2017: JSRI Fellow Advocates for Immigrants' Rights in Legislative Session 
Dr. Weishar testified to Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee A in opposition to a bill that affects immigrants' right to marry in LA. The committee deferred the bill, thus killing it. Dr. Weishar also helped deliver a letter from over 230 faith leaders and people of faith from across Louisiana in opposition to an anti-sanctuary city bill. Fortunately, Senate Judiciary Committee B rejected the bill.