Through research, the engagement of community groups and national research partners, we seek to ensure this crucial diversity of voices create a healthy policy debate and promote a better, more equitable public education system in New Orleans.

Current and upcoming research addresses the following essential elements of New Orleans school reform:

Finances: Achieving sustained growth in accessibility of high achieving schools to all New Orleans students in a time of diminishing federal resources and a reduced state budget;

Governance: State legislation dictates that in 2010 the Recovery School District shall make recommendations regarding whether schools should be retained under RSD supervision or returned to the transferring district “with proposed stipulations and conditions…”

Teacher Quality: Retention of quality, experienced teachers who currently must contend with difficult conditions during this post-Katrina period of reinvention for New Orleans public schools;

Sustainability of Reforms: Creating and maintaining stakeholder support through community involvement, equity, and transparency in decision-making and allocation of resources, as indicated in the Executive Summary of the Recovery School District Legislatively Required Plan, June 7, 2006.