About the Institute

The mission of the Institute for Quality & Equity in Education (IQEE) is to facilitate interdisciplinary educational research and nurture engaged learning opportunities for Loyola students based in the Greater New Orleans Area. IQEE works to fulfill this mission by developing partnerships with university and non-profit partners working towards comprehensive approaches to community engagement in education policy and practice.

What distinguishes IQEE from similar centers is a steadfast commitment to forging substantive, reciprocal community partnerships that are based out of the university experience. Based on the university ideals of responsible stewardship, service, and engagement with the world, IQEE strives to bring positive change to the life of the university, high quality opportunities for community engagement for undergraduates, and improve the life of the city more generally.

Toward this end, IQEE seeks to discover and support innovative policy and programming solutions to ensure that every neighborhood in New Orleans has equitable access to quality schools and, ultimately, to enhanced economic opportunity for public school students. We collaborate with faculty in law, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities to conduct policy research on the local, state, and national levels. Undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with faculty across multiple disciplines to confuct research and report findings to the broader audience and civic community. Pedagogically, our research is both rooted in and subsequently contributes to the classroom to further engage students in real life issues affeting local communities