Rio from Sugar Loaf

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Rio de Janeiro Summer Legal Studies Program will not run again until 2017. 

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law has added Brazil to its Latin American Summer Session locations along with Mexico and Costa Rica. This addition makes Loyola the premier law school in the United States in terms of summer sessions in Latin America. It is a reflection of Loyola Law School and Louisiana’s close legal ties to Latin America as a former sister colony of Spain. Spanish law has had a significant impact, greater than in any other American state, on the law of Louisiana. Louisiana's Civil Code was the first in the Western Hemisphere (1808) and was used as a source by many Latin American countries in drafting their codes. As a result, the Civil Code of Louisiana is very similar to the codes of the respective Latin American countries.

As a law school in the only Civil Code jurisdiction in the United States, with both a Civil Code and Common Law curriculum, Loyola is uniquely qualified to introduce American law students to the Civil Law tradition of Latin America. Our program is associated with one of the leading Brazilian law schools, the State University of Rio de Janeiro Faculty of Law.

One of the major advantages of this program is that is allows student to attend a foreign summer session in a beautiful location, and still be able to work for the entire summer.

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