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The comparative and international law programs at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law reflect Louisiana’s unique status as a mixed civil law and common law jurisdiction. The private law of Louisiana—comprising such areas as the law of persons, property, obligations, donations, and successions—is based on an eclectic civil code tradition. The French Code Civil of 1804 comprises the strongest influence, but there are significant Roman law and Spanish law elements as well. The public law of Louisiana— including state constitutional law, legislation, criminal law and procedure, civil procedure, and evidence—is based largely on the Anglo-American common law. Louisiana’s commercial law has both civil law elements (as in the law of sales) and common law aspects (based on Louisiana’s adoption of most portions of the Uniform Commercial Code).

Louisiana has also played a unique role in bridging the civil law and common law traditions by enacting such synthesizing statutes as the Trust Code of 1964, the Mineral Code of 1974, and a unique code of conflict of laws in 1991 (which was subsequently incorporated into Louisiana’s Civil Code). Loyola’s College of Law has developed a number of exciting and innovative programs in the area of comparative and international law. Students have the opportunity to specialize in either the common law or the civil law. Most courses employ a comparative law approach, in which students are constantly exposed to both civil law and common law influences.

Students may also pursue special certification in the areas of comparative and international law. Loyola offers more opportunities for summer study abroad than most American law schools. Loyola students are also afforded the opportunity to study with distinguished visiting professors from abroad, as well as participate in international moot court competitions around the world.

With so many exciting opportunities for pursuing comparative and international legal studies, both in Louisiana and abroad, Loyola is rapidly becoming the school of choice for students interested in a legal education that will prepare them for the practice of law anywhere in the world.