The Institute of Politics was founded by Edgar Stern, Jr in December of 1967.

James H. Chubbuck, the Institute’s first executive director worked for nearly a year to gather the first group of fellows. The first class began in 1968 and graduated in the Spring of 1969.

Mr. Chubbuck was the executive director of the IOP from its origin until the mid 1970’s, when Dr. Ed Renwick took over as the IOP’s second executive director. Dr. Renwick held this position for over 30 years until his retirement in 2008.

Under the leadership of Dr. Renwick, nearly 900 fellows graduated from the IOP. Many of the past ‘fellows’ have gone on to become successful politicians, judges and journalists in and around the New Orleans region and nationally.

In the spring of 2008, the Board of Directors selected Tommy Screen as the third executive director of the Institute of Politics. Mr. Screen’s first class of ‘fellows’ graduated in March of 2009.