African American Politics in New Orleans - Past, Present & Future

class date: 
Tue, 01/07/2014

Ron Nabonne & Mayor Sidney Barthelemy

Mayor Sidney Barthelemy

·      BA from St. Joseph Seminary in Washington DC

·      Masters from Tulane University

·      Louisiana State Senator – 1974-1978

·      New Orleans City Councilman at Large – 1978-1986

·      Mayor of New Orleans 1986-1994

·      Adjunct Professor at Kennedy School of Government, Tulane School of Public Health, & UNO

·      Associate Professor at Xavier

·      Handful of Numerous Awards Won

o   Nat’l League of Cities Leadership Award

o   NAACP Daniel Byrd Award

o   Outstanding Alumnus – Tulane University School of Social Welfare

o   St. Aug – Best All-Around Student - 1960

·      Currently VP of Government Relations for HRI Development Team

Ron Nabonne

·      New Orleans Native

·      Loyola Undergraduate Degree/Tulane Law

·      Mid 1970’s – Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

·      Since leaving DOJ, he has had a private practice and served as a political consultant to several political campaigns and consultant to several local   and state wide propositions

·      Campaigns include: 

o   Barthelemey for State Senate, City Council at-large, Mayor

o   Lambert Boissiere – State Senate

o   Bennet Johnston – US Senate – Orleans Parish

o   Mike Yenni – Jefferson Parish President

o   Tim Coulon – Jefferson Parish President

o   Paul Connick – Orleans DA

o   Lambert Boissiere III – Public Service commission

o   Eddie Jordan – DA Orleans Parish