Pro Bono Online Timesheet Help

Starting Out

The Online Timesheet screen is divided into two sections, the Record Entry part at the top (gray border) and the Record View part at the bottom (striped table).

After you log on, you will see both sections displayed. You can immediately start entering new time records in the Record Entry section.

What Is a Record?

A record is a unit of information about work you have done. It has three elements, i.e. Task (a description of the work done), Time (the amount of time spent doing the task), and Date (the date on which the task was done).

On the Record Entry Dialog, there is a field called Description (If Task Is Other) which is used for you to input your own description of the task if your task does not match any descriptions in the Task drop-down menu.

The Pro Bono Program does not require that you be overly specific in reporting your time. By the same token, some degree of specificity is required in order for your work to be evaluated properly. You are asked to use your own best judgment in reporting your time. If, for example, you spend four hours on a legal research project, but during that four hours, you also do some clerical work and speak with a client, it is generally sufficient just to report the four hours as legal research. When you submit hours, you certify that all information you give is accurate.

Misrepresentations on your timesheet will be reported to the dean of the College of Law and may subject you to losing your Pro Bono credit and result in disciplinary action.

Adding Records

When you input a new record on the Record Entry screen, it is best to go left to right (i.e., start with Date).

  1. Use the calendar icon on the far left side to select the date you did the work.

    Note: Dates cannot be added manually. Next, select the amount of time. Time is expressed in decimal fashion, e.g.:

    • One hour= 1.0
    • One hour, fifteen minutes=1.25
    • Two hours, forty-five minutes=2.75, etc.
  2. Select a Task from the drop-down menu.

    If the work you did does not fall under any of these categories, select Other and then write in a very brief description in the Description (If Task Is Other) field.

    If you do select a task from the drop-down menu, you do not need to enter anything in the Description field.

  3. Next, click the Save icon on the far right side. Your record will be saved to the server and the Record View table will display the new record you have entered along with your other time.

You can return to the Record Entry part of the screen and enter another record right away. You will notice that the Record Entry dialog will be cleared (like a Reset button), but the date will remain the same as in the last record you entered. This is so you don't have to re-enter the date every time you put in records for a given day's work.

Editing and Deleting Records

To edit or delete records, simply click either the Edit or Delete icon on the row that you wish to modify.

  • If you click edit, the record which you wish to modify will be displayed by itself at the top of the screen. Make the changes you want, and press the Save icon.
  • To cancel the edit, click the red X icon .
  • To delete, just click the Delete icon and the record will be deleted.

Changing Your Information

If you wish to change any of your information with the Pro Bono office, just click Edit Your Information and a form will be displayed for you to make changes.

Note: If you elect to change your placment, this must be approved by the Pro Bono Coordinator.

Reporting Problems and Requesting Support

If you encounter any bugs or need support, please contact click the Report a Problem link at the upper left-hand corner of the screen and describe your problem with the timesheet. For any other questions or suggestions, please e-mail