Understand My Costs

As you develop a plan to finance your college education, it’s important to have a clear picture of all of the costs you will need to meet. It’s easy to focus on prominent fixed costs--such as tuition, room, and board--while overlooking indirect expenses like books, transportation, and living expenses. A sound plan needs to account for both direct and indirect expenses.

The resources below can help you form a clearer picture of the costs you’ll need to meet through both financial aid and an out-of-pocket family contribution.

Direct Costs

For the 2017-18 academic year, a full-time undergraduate living in the typical residence hall and signed up with the typical meal plan would have the following direct costs:

Tuition $37,676
Fees $1,816
Room $7,430
Board $5,236
Total Direct Costs $52,158

Indirect Costs

Use our Planning Worksheet to estimate your indirect costs and calculate your total cost of attendance at Loyola University.

Net Price Calculator
Get an early approximation of your family’s net contribution for your first year at Loyola.

You and your family have several options for meeting remaining costs. Read more about financing options