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Loyola Expert Listings

Loyola University New Orleans experts can speak on a wide variety of topics. Search Loyola experts by selecting a subject from the menu and/or by typing in specific search terms in the text field and clicking apply.

bio image

Nicholas Capaldi, Ph.D.

Clarence and Mildred Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Scholar Chair in Business Ethics and Professor of Management

Subject: Business, Ethics

Expertise: Business Ethics

bio image

George Capowich, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Subject: Crime/Criminology, New Orleans, Sociology/Social Issues, Urban Issues

Expertise: Community Policing, Crime Prevention, Criminology Theory, Explanations Of Crime, Program And Social Policy Effectiveness, Research Methods, Social Deviance, Statistics, Targeting Criminal Hot Spots, Urban Issues

bio image

James Carter, S.J., Ph.D.

President Emeritus, Gerald N. Gaston Distinguished Professor in Religion and Science, and Associate Professor of Physics

Subject: Evolution, Religion

Expertise: Creation, Evolution, Religion

bio image

Dane Ciolino, J.D.

Alvin R. Christovich Distinguished Professor of Law

Subject: Copyright, Ethics, Law, Oil Spill

Expertise: Civil Lawsuits And Liability Regarding The Bp Oil Spill, Copyright Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Responsibility, Intellectual Property, Legal And Judicial Ethics

bio image

Alice V. Clark, Ph.D.

Professor of Music History

Subject: Medieval Studies, Music

Expertise: Faculty Governance, Higher Education, Medieval France, Medieval Music And Art, Music And Liturgy, Opera

bio image

William O’Connell

Instructor of Music Industry Studies

Subject: Marketing, Music Business And Publishing

Expertise: Music Business, Music Marketing

bio image

Bernard A. Cook, Ph.D.

Provost Distinguished Professor of History

Subject: History

Expertise: Belgium, Cold War, Contemporary Europe Including European Union, Genocide, History Of Loyola University New Orleans, The Holocaust, World War Ii

bio image

Michael Cowan, Ph.D.

Professor in the Loyola Institute for Ministry

Subject: Racial/Ethnic Issues, Urban Issues

Expertise: Broad-based Community Organizing, Faith-based Organizing For Justice, Literacy, Racial/ethnic Issues, Urban Issues

bio image

Mitchell Crusto, J.D.

Professor of Law

Subject: Civil Rights, Law, Louisiana, Racial/Ethnic Issues

Expertise: African-american Louisiana History, Civil Rights, Corporate Governance, Empathy And The Justice Selection, Entrepreneurship, Insurance, Louisiana Law, Real Estate, U.s. Constitution, U.s. Supreme Court

bio image

John Crutti Jr.

Instructor of Music Industry Studies

Subject: Music Business And Publishing

Expertise: Multimedia, Music Recording, Music Technology