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Katherine Adams, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of English and the William and Audrey Hutchinson Distinguished Professor of English

Subject: English, Women's Studies

Expertise: American Suffrage Campaign, American Women Writers, Women’s Studies

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Jeffrey Albert

Assistant Professor of Music Industry Technology

Subject: Computers, Music

Expertise: Improvisation, Interactive Music, Laptop Orchestra, Music Technology

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Mary Algero, J.D.

Warren E. Mouledoux Distinguished Professor of Law

Subject: Law, Louisiana

Expertise: Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Louisiana Law

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Rosalie Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Subject: Biological Sciences

Expertise: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Limb Development And Regeneration

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Andrea Armstrong, J.D.

Assistant Professor of Law

Subject: Incarceration, Law

Expertise: Confessions, Criminal Law, Incarceration, Prison Conditions, Prison Lawsuits, Prisoner Rights, Search And Seizure

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Patrick X. Bailey, M.S.

Director of Public Safety

Subject: Higher Education

Expertise: Campus Crime, Crime/criminology, Public Safety, University Policing Information

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Kathy Barnett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

Subject: Careers, Communication

Expertise: Business Communication, Job Search, Mentoring, Networking, Personal Branding, Professional Development, Public Speaking/presentations

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William Barnett II, Ph.D.

Chase Distinguished Professor of International Business and Professor of Economics

Subject: Economics

Expertise: International Economics, Macroeconomics, The Market Process

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Elizabeth Beard, Ph.D.

Professor of Biological Sciences

Subject: Biological Sciences

Expertise: Cellular Physiology

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Terri Bednarz, Ph.D., R.S.M.

Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies

Subject: Religion

Expertise: Humor In The New Testament, Synoptics