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Elliott Adams

Assistant Professor

Subject: Business, Computers, Music Business And Publishing

Expertise: Business, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Music, Startup Weekend, Startups, Technology, Venture Capital

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Katherine Adams, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of English and the William and Audrey Hutchinson Distinguished Professor of English

Subject: English, Women's Studies

Expertise: American Suffrage Campaign, American Women Writers, Women’s Studies

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Jeffrey Albert

Assistant Professor of Music Industry Technology

Subject: Computers, Music

Expertise: Improvisation, Interactive Music, Laptop Orchestra, Music Technology

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Sherry Lee Alexander, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Subject: Journalism, New Orleans

Expertise: Famous New Orleans Trials, Free Press / Fair Trial, Freedom Of Information, Future Of News

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Mary Algero, J.D.

Warren E. Mouledoux Distinguished Professor of Law

Subject: Law, Louisiana

Expertise: Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Louisiana Law

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Joy Allen, Ph.D., MT-BC

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

Subject: Music, Music Therapy

Expertise: Medical Music Therapy, Music And Health, Music Therapy Research, Music Therapy With Children And Adolescents, Professional Advocacy

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Jon Altschul, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Subject: Philosophy

Expertise: Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy Of The Mind, Theories Of Knowledge

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Blanca Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Languages and Cultures

Subject: Language/Linguistics, Latin America

Expertise: 20th-century Spanish American Literature, Spanish Language

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Rosalie Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Subject: Biological Sciences

Expertise: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Limb Development And Regeneration

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Valerie Andrews, M.J.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, Director of the Shawn M. Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications

Subject: Communication, Public Relations

Expertise: Event Planning, Mass Communication, Media Relations, Nonprofit Communications, Public Relations