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The Office of Public Affairs handles all media relations for the university, students, faculty, and staff. The following is a list of public affairs staff members and their areas of responsibility. You may reach the Office of Public Affairs at 504-861-5888.

Meredith Hartley

Meredith Hartley, Director of Public Affairs and External Relations
phone: 504-861-5883, cell: 504-722-6078, e-mail:,
office: Greenville Hall, Room 202

As the official university spokesperson, responsibilities are to promote, monitor, and initiate the total communications needs of the university.

  • All national media inquiries
  • Official university announcements
  • Neighborhood relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Announcements of major gifts and grants
  • Board of Trustees announcements
  • Administrative announcements
  • All Colleges and Office of the President
Mikel Pak

Mikel Pak, Associate Director of Public Affairs
phone: 504-861-5448, cell: 504-352-8775 e-mail:
office: Greenville Hall, Room 212

Responsible for building media relationships, securing media placements for the university community, and supervising the production and dissemination of all Public Affairs communications and media alerts.

  • Local, regional and national media inquiries
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Humanities and Natural Sciences
  • LoyNews management
  • Media Experts Guide
  • President's Forum
  • Public Affairs social media coordination
  • Video news releases
Jessica Brown is a communications coordinator in Public Affairs and External Relations

Jessica Brown, Communications and Artist Relations Manager
phone: 504-861-5882, cell: 504-344-4178, e-mail:
office: Greenville Hall, Room 212

Manages the overall internal and external marketing and promotion of Loyola University College of Music and Fine Arts' events and activities, and acts as liaison between the CMFA faculty/staff and the media in order to promote CMFA events. She is responsible for publicity for the College of Music and Fine Arts and for artist relations related to the Montage Fine and Performing Arts Series.

  • College of Music and Fine Arts
  • Montage Fine and Performing Arts Series
  • Public affairs social media coordination
Angela Turnbull

Angela Vachetta Turnbull, Special Events Coordinator
phone: 504-861-5848, cell: 504-228-9094, e-mail:,
office: Greenville Hall, Room 212

  • Coordination and management of university events.
  • Commencement ceremony
  • Fund raising recognition events
  • Alumni events
  • Major lectures/presentations
  • University consultant on special event
James Shields

James Shields, Communications Coordinator
phone: 504-861-5888, cell: 504-952-1287, e-mail:,
office: Greenville Hall, Room 212

Manages media calls and requests, website, media distribution, media tracking, office management. Additional responsibilities include coordination assistance with commencement and university photographer requests.

  • Media calls and requests
  • LoyNews distribution
  • Loyola at a Glance newsletter
  • College of Law
  • College of Business
  • Web site management
  • Media reports and logs
  • Coordination of the university photographer

For athletics information, contact:

Loyola Brett Simpson Brett Simpson, Associate Athletic Director
office: 504-864-7396, cell: 504-258-7857, e-mail: