Loyola Law is continually developing ways to support our graduates in providing critical legal services to traditionally underserved communities, especially regarding social justice matters, which includes environmental issues.

Center for Environmental Communications 

Loyola University New Orleans is home to a very unique program that few others offer in the country. Our Center for Environmental Communications specializes in training communications specialists in covering environmental issues.  The Center serves the School of Mass Communications and also students in environmental programs, weaving environmental themes throughout various course offerings. Additionally, the Center hosts an annual Institute for Environmental Communications, which brings together a diverse group of thoughtful participants to discuss issues of vital environmental importance either regionally, nationally or both, in sessions throughout the year.

Gauthier-St. Martin Student Service Grant 

Defrays living expenses for a significant service placement in the U.S. or abroad for service related to law and policy in the field of environmental protection, natural resources, or energy. Past recipients have used the grant for unpaid summer internships at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, D.C. and the Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) in Mexico City.

Gillis W. Long Poverty Law Center 

Provides former students working for non-profits or in other public service jobs, which typically correspond to lower pay, with a stipend to repay student loans so they are able to financially afford serving public needs.

Stuart H. Smith Center for Social Justice and Law 

Hosts a solo practitioner Incubator Program, allowing graduates engaged in a full time, social-justice oriented solo practice in the Greater New Orleans area to receive instruction, case referrals, mentorship, peer feedback, and resource access, including office space. Practice areas may include environmental law and land use.