Syntax and Composition

Lisa Philip
College of Humanities + Natural Sciences

Service learning is required for this course.  Students may choose between two service learning options in this course:

  1. Complete a 15-hour service learning placement with Catholic Charities: Head Start (Louise Center).
  2. Participate in a service learning project which will require you to work with fellow students to translate portions of Catholic Charities' volunteer orientation packet into Spanish.

For option #1:

  1. Learn more about Catholic Charities: Head Start.  Is this volunteer opportunity a good match for your interests, skills and gifts?  Will it work with your schedule?  With the transportation supports offered through the Office of Service Learning, is it reasonable for you to get to Louise Head Start regularly?
  2. Make contact with Catholic Charities: Head Start.  It pays to initiate communication early.  Service learning placements operate on a system of mutual choice.  Students from many classes are competing for limited spots at each service learning agency.
  3. If you can, come to the SERVE Fair to meet Catholic Charities: Head Start staff.
  4. You must both receive a placement offer from Catholic Charities and accept this offer online by Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 5 pm.  If this does not happen, you must complete option #2 for this course.
  5. Complete preservice requirements by attending Catholic Charities mandatory Safe Environments training on Loyola's campus.
  6. Agree on a regular schedule and start serving!
  7. Document all your hours using a service learning timesheet.  Submit your first timesheet to Bobet 113 at midterm (Friday, October 19th @ 5pm).  Submit your final timesheet by the last day of classes (Fri, December 7th @ 5pm).
  8. Finish all your service learning hours by the last day of classes.  You should serve your hours regularly throughout the semester (approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per week).
  9. Your performance will be evaluated by your supervisor.  This performance evaluation will be given to your professor an incorporated into your class grade.
  10. Receive a service learning transcript notation.  Put it on your resume too!