Survey of Spanish Literature I (Honor and the Role of Women)

Dr. Eileen Doll
College of Arts & Sciences

Service learning is optional for this course. 

Time commitment: 20 hours

Transportation time credit
Taking more than one service learning class?

Learning objective: Students will interact with women (Latinas or other) who have suffered abuse of some kind and relate this to what may be historical causes as we discover in our readings, to deepen their understanding of the difficulties of many women living in societies dominated by machista attitudes.

Preapproved service learning placements:

*When possible, request to work with women at these agencies

Cafe con Ingles
Catholic Charities: Refugee Services
New Orleans Family Justice Center 
Project Ishmael
The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community
Wage Claim Clinic


  1. Watch the video "Getting Started with Your Service Learning Placement."
  2. Take this quiz to make sure you know everything you need to know about the placement process.
  3. Get your placement on time. Submit your acceptance form before the deadline.
  4. Document all your hours using a service learning timesheet. Submit timesheets to the service learning office twice per semester (around midterms and on the last day of classes). Check the Plan of Service (on our Forms page and on back of the timesheet) for deadlines.
  5. Know that your agency supervisor will submit a performance evaluation on your work at the end of the semester. This evaluation will be go to your professor and incorporated into your class grade.