The goal of service learning is to make connections between course topics and real world issues. Service learning gives you a structured experience which you can use to evaluate, assess and apply the knowledge, theories and ideas you encounter in class. It is also a way to strengthen your understanding of social justice, explore the root causes of social problems and examine your personal values and beliefs. We want you to move away from a "charity mindset" and develop a "social justice mindset." Someone who maintains a charity mindset may think, “I am helping those who have less talent, knowledge, power, and privilege than I do. So, my help will make their lives better.” Someone who maintains a social justice mindset may think, “I am teaching and learning from someone who has talent and knowledge, and he/she is teaching and learning from me. I have more power and privilege than him/her. How could it be otherwise?” See more about a justice based model of development under resources. 

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