Service Learning Forms for Students

Placement Acceptance Form
Plan of Service (use to make your schedule with your supervisor)
Rideshare Form

Liability Waiver: Project Classes
Paper Liability Waiver (for any student under 18)
Hours Report for Project Classes
Quick Guide for Securing a Placement

Trainings for Students

Email Etiquette Training
Cell Phone Etiquette Training

Resources for Service Learners Tutoring Young Students

Eliminating Back Talk
Dealing with Typical Classroom Crises
Initiating Preferred Activity Time (Visit Bobet 113 for a handout on this topic)
Ideas for Preferred Activity Time
Staying Calm and Strong in the Classroom (Visit Bobet 113 for a handout on this topic)

Resources on Social Justice

Justice Based Model of Student Development
Social Change Wheel
Service Learning--Terms and Benefits

Resources for Students Participating in Service Learning for an Online Course

Steps to take when choosing a service-learning agency
Distance Service-Learning Agreement Form
Tips for writing the objectives on your Distance SL Agreement
Safety tips when attending service
Agency Criteria