Public Service Internships

Internships are a great way to gain practical experience, grow your network, and strengthen job skills. Internships may or may not be tied to a credit-bearing course with academic content.  Internships are like service learning because they're both forms of applied, active learning that involve hands-on work in a real-world setting.  However, one major difference is time.  Often, internships require a much larger time commitment than service learning.  It is not unusual for internships to require 80-100 hours per semester.

Students often pursue internships with corporations and for-profit companies, but you should know that many local nonprofit organizations also offer a wide array of internships. 

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These are ideal for students who not only want to gain real-life work skills but who also want to:

  • understand the needs and assets of a particular populations (for example: at-risk youth, small business owners, Latinos, people with disabilities)
  • learn more about social issues
  • help people, or
  • make a positive contribution to society.

Internship Courses

Some majors at Loyola require students to take an internship course for credit (for example, all majors in the College of Business).  In other majors, an internship course is one elective students may choose.  Most departments have one or more courses called "Independent Study," "Internship" or "Practicum."  Most are not available for general LORA registration and require a faculty member to directly enroll a student. Check with your advisor or the associate dean's office in your college about how to register for one of these courses to receive credit for community-based work.