Personal Safety Tips

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  1. When walking somewhere, stand up straight and walk briskly.  Look up, out, and around you.  Be aware of your surroundings.  
  2. Staring down at a cell phone, jamming to the music on your headphones, or looking around like a tourist makes you more distracted and a better target.  You are less likely to notice possible dangers and easier to surprise.
  3. If using a university shuttle or public transit, know where your stop is and know the route schedule before departing.
  4. Areas with lots of activity and commotion are generally safer than deserted, unpopulated areas.  Stick to busy, well-lit streets, intersections and sidewalks.
  5. When possible, travel with a friend or in groups.
  6. Do not bring valuables to your service learning site.  Even though you may need to turn off your cell phone during your service learning, bring it with you on your way to and from your site.  Keep it in your hand or pocket.  However, you should avoid texting or studying your cell phone while walking.  This means you are not focused on noticing your surroundings.
  7. Tell someone you trust where you're going and when you will return.
  8. If you feel you are in danger, dial 911 or call LUPD at (504) 865-3434.