Longue Vue House and Gardens

Longue Vue House and Gardens, accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and listed as a National Historic Landmark, was designed and built between 1935 and 1942 by landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman and architects William and Geoffrey Platt for Edgar and Edith Stern, New Orleans foremost mid-twentieth-century philanthropists and civi-justice activists.

The mansion and its surrounding  eight acres of garden spaces, with varied  designs ranging from the formal to the wild, draw upon Southern architectural traditions and native Louisiana flora, even as they echo the contemporaneous garden design movement that set the stage for some of the most breathtaking garden estates in the country.

Inspired by our humanitarian and artistic legacy, Longue Vue’s mission is to be a leader in the advancement of innovative thought, creative expression and life-long learning, and to engage our resources and exceptional setting to stimulate discussion and action on issues of social justice and community responsibility. 


For students wanting to gain an understanding of and experience with a non-profit dedicated to serving as a cultural center for New Orleans we offer a variety of opportunities in each of our departments:  curatorial, gardening/horticulture, education, community engagement, marketing and communication, and accounting.   In each area, interns and volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with directors as we develop and implement programming designed to encourage discussion and action on the issues of social justice and community responsibility through the advancement of innovative thought, creative expression, and life-long learning

All Departments are open to creating specializing Internships according to the needs and interests of the agency and the student.

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Longue Vue Interns and Service Learners gain skills and understanding of philanthropy and community engagement and how these serve the community. Students may learn the day-to-day operations of a museum; the role of marketing in promoting tourism, education, and fundraising efforts; how a non-profit’s finances function; or how to recruit, train, and manage volunteers.  Some students will learn how to care for a variety of plants. Others will observe and expand on existing and education programs and develop new programming for toddlers, school age children, and those with special needs.




Museum staff and visitors
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7 Bamboo Rd, New Orleans, LA 70124
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*It is preferable that you have a car for this location*

Susan Hudlow
Community Engagement Director