Honors Sociobiology

Julie Gauthier
College of Humanities + Natural Sciences

Service learning is optional for this course. 

Time commitment: 20 hours

Service learning goal: In this class, students will learn about the major evolutionary debates surrounding individual and group selection.  Volunteering with organizations which emphasize human cooperation and the interdependence between humans and the natural world will give students the opportunity to examine the selfish and altruistic aspects of nature in the context of these debates.

Students may choose to complete a service learning placement with one of the following agencies in lieu of one paper in this course:

Edible Schoolyard NOLA
Hainkel Home and Rehabilitation Center
Hope Lodge
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
Passages Hospice


  1. Watch this video on how to get a service learning placement.
  2. Once you have finalized your service learning placement, document all your hours using a service learning timesheet.  Submit timesheets to the service learning office twice per semester.  Check the Loyola Service Learning Calendar for timesheet deadlines.
  3. Finish all your service learning hours by the last day of classes.
  4. Know that your performance will be evaluated by your agency.  This performance evaluation will be given to your professor and incorporated into your class grade.
  5. Receive a service learning transcript notation.  Put it on your resume too!