Eden House

Founded in 2011, Eden House is the only social service organization in New Orleans and the state of Louisiana that serves victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, and provides outreach and education on these issues.  Eden House offers a two-year residential program to victims consisting of a holistic approach to recovery including outreach, housing, food, mental and physical health care, job training, education, legal services, and spiritual support.  In addition to providing client services, Eden House also provides public policy support, advocacy services, and education.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive recovery for our survivors which treats not just the symptoms of a life of exploitation, but creates a foundation of skills that facilitate the victim’s ability to move forward with her life.

Jobs Listing

Students interested in these positions should send an email along with their resume to Susanne Dietzel.

Administrative Intern
Resident Support Intern
Media Intern
Development Intern

Location is confidential, address will be provided to CBFWS students upon hire.

Christina Hogan
Program Assistant
(504) 407-0943

Suzanne B. Dietzel, Ph. D.
Executive Director
(504) 407-0943