OCELTS’ Gas Card Policies

Any Loyola service learning student who uses a private vehicle to get to a service learning agency is eligible for one $10 prepaid gas card to help defray fuel costs.  Mileage/fuel reimbursement is not available.  Please note that students who decide to use a private vehicle for service learning assume most of the expense associated with this choice.  The $10 prepaid gas card is intended to offset this expense, not cover it.

Gas cards can be picked up any time during the second half of the semester (after the First Timesheet Deadline) in OCELTS.  Due to COVID-19, email for an appointment to pickup gas cards.

Please note that students completing a service learning placement must submit a first timesheet by the deadline to be eligible to receive transportation assistances. Students not completing their service learning hours on regular, weekly basis may not be eligible for transportation assistances from our office.

Students who use a private vehicle for service learning also assume all liability associated with this choice.  Students must be covered by private insurance.  See liability waiver on the Forms for Students page for more details.



Loyola service learning students who provide rides to fellow service learning students to their agency are entitled to up to $40 in prepaid gas cards per semester.  Rides must be documented using the Rideshare sheet.  Click here for a sheet or come into our office to pick one up.  For every 5 roundtrip rides provided, the driver is eligible for another $10 gas card, up to a total of $40 per semester. Note: one ride is equal to one round trip for one passenger.  If you provide rides to two passengers, you will accrue rides faster.

Service learners redeeming signed Rideshare sheets for gas cards may do so at any point throughout the semester.

Please note that students signing a driver’s Rideshare sheet are not eligible for RTA transportation assistances.