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College of Arts & Sciences

BIOL-A347-A51 Parasitology Patricia Dorn
CMMN-A260-051 Intro to Layout and Design Cheryl Dejoie-Lacabe
CMMN-A485-001 Strategic Communications Capstone Campaign Cathy Rogers
CRIM-X320-051/SOCI-A320-051 Violence and Human Rights Lydia Voigt
HONS-H295-031 Writing as Spiritual Practice Naomi Yavneh
PHIL-U222-001 Philosophy and Feminism Mary Townsend
PHIL-U222-002 Philosophy and Feminism Mary Townsend
POLS-A235-001 Gender and Global Politics Natasha Bingham
PSYC-A250-001 Educational Psychology Suzanne Ledet-Yuspeh
PSYC-A327-001 Studies in Psychology of Women Erin Dupuis
SOCI-X232-001 Social Problems Angel Parham
SOCI-X255-001 Race, Racism and Privilege Angel Parham
SPAN-A201-001 Second Year Spanish II Chad Rice
SPAN-A300-001 Syntax and Composition Chad Rice