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College of Social Sciences

CMMN-A260-051 Into to Layout and Design Cheryl Dejoie-Lacabe
CMMN-A317-001 Writing for Public Relations Cathy Rogers
CMMN-A414-001 Capstone: Advertising Campaign Valerie Andrews
CMMN-A418-001 Capstone: Public Relations Campaigns Valerie Andrews
POLS-A235-001 Gender and Global Politics Natasha Bingham

College of Music + Fine Arts

DSGN-M376-001 Motion Design and Narrative 2 Daniela Marx
DSGN-M377-001 Social/Political Design Daniela Marx

College of Humanities + Natural Sciences

HIST-Q230-051 Oppression & Resistance Patricia Boyett
PHIL-U222-001 Philosophy and Feminism Leonard Kahn
PSYC-A215-001 Psychology and the Law Erin Dupuis
PSYC-A430-001 Psychology of Human Aging Susanne Ledet-Yuspeh
SPAN-A201-001 Second Year Spanish II Eileen Doll