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College of Arts & Sciences

CHEM-A486-001 Chemistry Seminar for Freshmen Dr. Christine Heinecke
ENGLT122-007 Critical Reading and Writing Dr. Sarah Allison
PHILA41001 History of Modern European Philosophy Dr. Joel MacClellan
PHILH295-034 Freedom and Oppression Dr. Constance Mui
PSYCA240-WA1 Social Psychology Dr. Erin Dupuis
PSYCA255-001 Adolescent Psychology Dr. Elin Grissom
PSYCG255-001 Adolescent Psychology-Capstone Dr. Elin Grissom
SOCIX255-001 Race, Racism, and Privilege Dr. Angel Parham
SOCIX315-001 Sociology of Food and Food Justice Dr. Angel Parham
SPANA100-005 First Year Spanish Dr. Chad Rice
SPANA201-001 Second Year Spanish II Dr. Chad Rice
SPANA394-001 Culturas Marginadas Dr. Eileen Doll
SPANT121-F51 Spanish New Orleans Dr. Chad Rice

College of Music + Fine Arts

CMMN-A260-051 Intro to Layout and Design Professor Cheryl Dejoie-Lacabe
CMMN-A260-052 Intro to Layout and Design Professor Cheryl Dejoie-Lacabe
MUTY M100-001 Introduction to Music Therapy Dr. Kathy Murphy