Is CBFWS right for your agency?

Many college students receive Federal Work Study (FWS) as part of their financial aid package.  CBFWS allows students to work part-time during the normal academic year (September through May) at local nonprofit agencies working in the public interest.  They are paid by Loyola at $10/hr up to the amount of their financial award.  For most students, this amounts to 80 hours/semester or about 8-10 hrs/week.

This means that Loyola students can work in federally-funded part-time jobs at your agency at no cost to you!

Interested Agencies Must:

 1. Qualify
  • Be either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or government agency
  • Have been in operation for at least one full year
  • Employ at least one full-time paid staff member
  • Be able to fulfill all employer expectations
 2. Apply

A manager from your agency must apply to become a
Loyola-approved CBFWS employer. Loyola representatives
will review applications from prospective employers every spring.
Follow-up actions may include site visits, informational
meetings, and/or program observations.

 3. Be Selected

Some agencies will be invited to become new CBFWS employers.

Criteria include: the number of new employers
needed to meet student demand; representation of
diverse fields of employment; the availability
of high-quality, well-supervised work experiences for
students; location and accessibility of work sites;
and responsiveness to communication from Loyola.