Spring 2016 Donnelley Center Staff 

Valerie J. Andrews, M.J.

Assistant Professor



Gabriel Burgos, Student Director

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mass Communication - Public Relations major


Morgan Ballard, Assistant Director

New Orleans, Louisiana  

Mass Communication - Public Relations major


Wren Overesch 

Austin, Texas 

Graphic Design major 


Tarrah Aroonsakool

San Diego, California 

Mass Communication - Advertising major  


Julianna Lydon

San Jose, California

Mass Communication major


Camille Didelot

Los Angeles, California

French and Mass Communication major


Janae Torrence 

Kenner, Louisiana

Mass Communication, Public Relations major


Joshua Byrd

Oakland, California

Mass Communcation, Public Relations major


Bridget Burkley

Mass Communication, Public Relations major


Joel Buhler

Mandeville, Louisiana

English Writing major


Mairead Cahill

Mass Communication, Journalism major


Spring 2016 Apprentices

Francisco Torres De Nevarra

Miami, Florida

Mass Communication, Public Relations major


Rosalia Esteva

Santo Dominico, Dominican Republic 

Mass Communication major


Matthew Pashby

San Francisco, California

Mass Communication, Public Relations major


Bobbie Green

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mass Communication, Advertising major


Join our Staff

Students with communication skills who are interested in working with nonprofit partners can apply to be part of the Donnelley Center staff as:

• federal work-study students (must be eligible)

• paid staff

• apprenticeship program

Applications for paid staff are available in each spring semester for the upcoming academic year. Applicants are interviewed by current staff and the director and, in groups, are given a sample project to complete. Apprenticeships are available each semester. Apprentices can recieve class credit. Work hours vary.


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