Loyola University New Orleans

Event Application Form

Terms of Use

  • Artwork may not be moved for any reason. This includes accommodating audio-visual, food/beverage or other presentations.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsor to arrange for their own food & beverage service. Tables must be installed AT LEAST 48" from any artwork, including serving food & beverage serving tables.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsor to arrange for rental & set up of chairs & tables.
  • Security guards will be instructed to caution guests who stand too close to works of art, or whose behavior seems likely to cause damage to works of art.

The following are the articles that are being agreed to by the organization or individual(s):

  1. All event requests must be submitted in writing one month prior to the event date.
  2. The sponsor is responsible for any damage or theft during the time of the event listed above. This responsibility means remuneration to artists whose work may have been damaged during an event.
  3. No art can be moved or the room altered.
  4. No art can be covered or obscured during the event.
  5. The sponsor is solely responsible for the clean up of the space and removal of any and all materials related to the event immediately after its conclusion.
  6. The sponsor is solely responsible for compliance with university policy and for security during the event.
  7. No student organizations are allowed to use the Diboll Gallery. Please speak to the Director of Cocurricular Programs at (504) 865-3622 about using the student gallery space or any other available rooms.
  8. All events applications must be reviewed by the Monroe Library to insure there are no conflicts.

Please keep in mind, the Collins C. Diboll Gallery may not be the right setting for certain events. The primary role of the gallery is as an exhibition space. Event sponsors must realize that gallery exhibitions change several times a year, and that the configuration of the space changes with them. It is therefore recommended that event sponsors make a point of checking the space several days before their scheduled event, to ensure that their plans are compatible with the current exhibition. Exhibition curators will not tailor their efforts to accommodate receptions and events, however the space just in front of the kitchen's roll up window is usually a good place for food and beverage tables, as access to restrooms is also gained through that area.

The College of Music and Fine Arts is responsible for programming the gallery exhibitions, and therefore reserves the right to refuse future use of the gallery to event sponsors who have abused these guidelines and/or during whose events damage to works of art on display has been incurred.

If you agree to the Diboll Gallery terms proceed to form.