Modern Slavery Research Project

The Modern Slavery Research Project produces thoughtful, geographically-informed, data-driven, community-based collaborative research that meets the needs of survivors and community stakeholders in addressing human trafficking in New Orleans, the US, as well as internationally.



Housed In

Academic Affairs - African & African American Studies Interdisciplinary Program


- Legislative Advocacy at state and national level

- "Make Escape Possible" Campaign launching in spring 2014

- Awareness raising: Know Your Rights Brochure

-Media: Clip on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry show and local news outlets

Program Areas

Focus Areas

Community Organizing
Human Rights
Human Trafficking
Immigration & Migration
Labor rights
Public Policy
Social Justice

Target Locations

Greater New Orleans
Regions outside US: Africa
Regions outside US: Asia
Regions outside US: North America
Regions outside US: South America

Loyola Participants