Programs of Study

The Common Curriculum

Loyola University New Orleans implemented a revised Common Curriculum in Fall 2013 featuring several innovations that distinguish it from its predecessor. General requirements for students beginning their studies at Loyola in Fall 2013 or later are outlined below. Many majors and programs have articulated exceptions and substitutions to these requirements, so students are encouraged to consult their faculty advisors about specific requirements for individual programs. 

Common Curriculum courses are organized into introductory and advanced courses as well as foreign language and general requirements.   

Introductory Common Curriculum - 21 credit hours

Students complete courses in the 7 following categories:

Advanced Common Curriculum - 24 credit hours

Students complete courses in the following 8 categories:

Foreign Language Requirement – 6 credit hours

Students must complete 2 semesters of a foreign language. The specific courses required are based on a student’s score on a language placement test. Students who are continuing a language they have previously studied are encouraged to take their placement test and language courses early in their academic career. Students who place into language at the 201 level or higher are eligible to exempt this requirement, with any remaining credit hours made available for general electives. Students are also welcome to begin study of a new language. 

Requirements Across the Curriculum (RAC)

Students must also complete coursework in three areas designated as “Requirements Across the Curriculum.” These requirements can be fulfilled by courses offered in the Advanced Common Curriculum, in the major, or as general electives.  The three RACs are: 

Students entering Loyola prior to Fall 2013 should consult the University Bulletin Archive for previous Common Curriculum requirements.