About Loyola CLE

Loyola CLE offers a wide range of Continuing Legal Education seminars on Estate Planning, Family Law and the Annual Longshore Conference (ALC). There are one day programs, two days programs, Saturday morning and online offerings. Select courses are accredited in not only Louisiana, but Mississippi and Texas as well. Loyola CLE seminars boast an outstanding program faculty. Seminar faculty often includes experienced local, regional, or national attorneys, federal and state courts judges, and law school professors. While the programs are designed for attorneys, many programs are of interest and value to other professionals such as CPAs, physicians, insurance professionals and mental health professionals.

Our mission

Founded in 1984, the purpose of The Institute for Continuing Legal Education is to keep practitioners abreast of new legal developments and trends in the legal community. The Institute works to improve lawyer understanding of ethical and professional responsibilities encountered in the practice of law.

We offer programming on a wide range of topics and scheduling option to fit any attorney’s schedules, including one day programs, two days programs, Saturday morning and online offerings. Some classes are accredited not only with the Louisiana Committee for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, but also with the Texas and Mississippi State Bar, as well as for other professionals such as CPA’s, physicians, insurance professionals and mental health professionals.

Privacy statement

We strive to protect the privacy of your information. We do not share or sell your personal, private information we collect, except with the State Bar Associations as necessary to report the continuing legal education credits for your attendance. We maintain a mailing list of past and potential attendees, but do not share any information on your seminar attendance or your personal data.

For our online registration, we use a service with strong encryption (Secure Socket Layer, or SSL) to protect your data. Also, our computers and servers are maintained with secure systems. We do not use cookies in our Web site.


Our staff

Natasha A. Lacoste
Director, Continuing Legal Education
(504) 861-5564
(504) 861-5573 FAX
E-mail Natasha: nalacost@loyno.edu

Demond P. Smith
Assistant Director, Continuing Legal Education
(504) 861-5441
(504) 861-5573 FAX
E-mail Demond: dpsmith@loyno.edu