Two-to-Tell Travel Tales Competition

Two-to-Tell Travel Tales Showcase

Wednesday, November 10 at 7:00 p.m. in Satchmo's
       Congratulations to the 2010 winners of Two-to-Tell!
       Audience Favorite (STA Travel Grab Bag and La Divina Gift Certificate): Dana Walkenhorst
       Judge's Choice ($200 Flight Voucher from STA Travel): Rebekah Locke 

The Two-to-Tell Travel Tales Showcase features two-minute presentations, travel stories and creative demonstrations of past study abroad participants.

Featuring the travel tales of: 

two to tell

Alyssa Labat (Korea, Summer 2010)

Ali Schoff (Costa Rica, Summer 2010)

Dana Walkenhorst (India, Summer 2009)

Roger Valladares (Spain, Spring 2010)

Alexandra Ernst (Multi-Destination Europe, Summer 2010)

Jonas Griffin (Germany, Spring 2010)

Erin Sutton (France, Spring 2009)

             Rebekah Locke (Ireland, Summer 2010)

             Alex White (China, Summer 2010)

Isis Huizar (Mexico, Spring 2010)

Loraine Torres (Spain, Summer 2010)

Angelique Dyer (France, Summer 2009)

Ryan Cowdin (Netherlands, Year 2009-2010)

Come learn about study abroad program offerings through the tales of past participants. Audience members and a panel of judges will vote on their favorite.

The top prize is a $200 travel voucher from STA Travel, valid toward a flight anywhere in the world!