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LIEP Continuing Students

Welcome back to LIEP!

We're excited you are returning to continue your studies with us!  Below you will find helpful links for current LIEP students.


New Semester Information

First Day of Classes

Your first day of classes for the Fall 2 2017 session will be October 16. 

Tuition Due Date

Your tuition is due on October 27 2018.  


As usual, books for classes will be for sale in the Loyola Bookstore. Please be prepared on the first day to purchase your books.

 Student Handbook

If you have any questions about a LIEP policy or procedure, you can check the current LIEP Student Handbook here.   

Online Resources

Forget how to log in to Blackboard, LORA, or Wolfmail?  You can find links to each of these resources at the top of every Loyola page to the left of the search function.  They are underlined in red in the picture below!  

  • Loyola wolfmail is now hosted by Gmail! Go to Gmail and enter your email address and password to get started!
  • Your username for Wolfmail is the first part of your Loyola email address WITHOUT the and your password is the first 2 letters of your first name and the last 4 numbers of your "999" number.  
  • For Blackboard, your username is your CWID number and your password is the first 2 letters of your first name and the last 4 numbers of your "999" number. 
  • For LORA, you will choose the "Login to Student Services" option on the list.  Your username for LORA is your Campus Wide ID (CWID) number, which is found on the bottom of your Loyola student ID.  Since you had to reset your password (PIN) when you started at Loyola, we cannot help you remember it!  If you have completely forgotten it, you can call Loyola Information Technology and they can help you reset it.  Their number is (504) 864-2255.   

Loyola and Tulane Campus Maps

You can find a link to campus maps for Loyola and Tulane below.  


As a LIEP student, you have access to the Tulane shuttles with your Loyola ID.  The shuttles go places like WalMart, Lakeview Mall, and Fresh Market on St. Charles.  You can view a schedule or find more information about the smart phone app that allows you to track your shuttle here!


If you drive and want to park on-campus, remember to go to Parking Services to request a new parking decal!  You can call Parking Services for current rates.  

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