International Opportunities for Faculty

CIEE International Faculty Develoment Seminars

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars are short-term, concentrated educational experiences designed to explore fascinations, challenge preconceptions and open eyes to a wide variety of issues shaping the world today. Expect one or two intensive weeks of lectures given by local faculty or experts from prestigious public and private institutions, lively discussions with overseas academics and colleagues, and coordinated site visits to academic, economic, educational, environmental, historic, political, religious and social institutions. For more information, go to the CIEE website.

Faculty can apply for partial funding through the Office of Grants and Research.

2012 Seminars

Region Country(ies) Topic Dates
Africa Botswana Turmoil and Tenacity: The Progress of Public Health in Botswana June 3 - 12
Africa Senegal Contemporary Senegal through Literature and Arts June 6 - 16
Africa Tanzania & Kenya Landscapes and Culture: Human Geography in East Africa May 27 – June 7
Africa Morocco & Spain Exploring the Coexistence and Challenges of Neighboring Cultures May 28 – June 8
Asia China - Shanghai Economic Development and Urban Transformation June 4 - 13
Asia Korea Ecology and the City: Modern Design, Urban Planning and Architecture in Seoul June 24 - July 3
Europe France Disability in Situation: French Notions of Disability and Difference June 28 - July 4 TENTATIVE DATES
Europe Germany & Poland Ruin and Revival: History, Modern Memory and Identity Late June
Europe Ireland Truth and Reconciliation: Ongoing Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland June 10 - 18
Europe Italy Food from a “Glocal” Perspective: Italy, the Mediterranean, and the Globe June 6 - 14
Europe Spain & Morocco Exploring the Coexistence and Challenges of Neighboring Cultures May 28 – June 8
Europe Sweden Global Energy Issues: Promises and Threats May 24 - June 1
Latin America Brazil Salvador da Bahia: Identity, Race, and Culture in the Afro-Brazilian Heartland June 2 – 11
Latin America Chile The Energy Sector and a Strategic Vision for Sustainable Development in Chile: Public Policy and Business in South America June 10 - 16
Latin America Costa Rica Lessons in Sustainability Dates TBD
Middle East Jordan Middle Eastern Women: Tradition, Development, and Change June 17 - 24
Middle East Turkey Consuming Istanbul: Space, Spectacle and the Politics of Popular Culture June 11 - 22
Middle East United Arab Emirates Between Perception and Reality: Intersections of Society, Culture, Business, and Religion in the United Arab Emirates January 5 - 14